Auckland Half Marathon – Phase 1: sign up for event

Auckland Half Marathon – Phase 1: sign up for event

Welcome to my training blog! I’ll start with a brief bit about me. I’m a physiotherapist by trade. I’m 24, a keen netballer, swimmer, ex dancer and karate kid. I grew up in Surrey, England and studied Physiotherapy at the University of Brighton on the south coast. After graduating, I had a 4-month travel stint (where I first fell in love with NZ) before starting work in a big NHS hospital in Brighton. I rotated for a couple of years around different physio specialties like neurosurgery, orthopaedics and respiratory before finding my love in musculoskeletal outpatients!

Now by no means would I ever call myself a runner. I have dabbled with running over the past few years. I used to enjoy a nice 5km loop around a stunning 5000 acre park (Windsor Great Park) back home in the UK on a weekend. Mainly I found it to be a good mental release, clearing my head in the fresh air and intermittent British sunshine, teaching my parents chocolate Labrador Dylan to run along with me, but not anything I’ve ever taken seriously.

In September last year a few friends and I completed a ‘Tough Mudder’ (10 mile gruelling obstacle run featuring ice baths, 8ft walls and a lot of mud). Having survived, enjoyed it and being pleasantly surprised by my fitness I started running a couple of times a week and caught the ‘running bug’. My boyfriend and I signed for a 10km run around Dorney Lake by means of motivation to carry on training. Again, I ended up enjoying it more than I expected, and gained a 7 minute PB to top it off!

A half marathon seemed to be the natural next step. On the bucket list as to something to complete before turning 30.

Then in December 2017 I made the big move to New Zealand and settled on the North Shore, where I soon realised that you could run nowhere without encountering monster hills. Slightly put off by that and a very humid summer, I focussed my attention on ocean swimming and trialling for netball teams.

Since then I’ve been out doing the odd run each week by way of maintaining fitness during the netball season. This was until a good friend of mine who works for a New Zealand charity was prompted to sign up for Auckland half-marathon. Following discussion of how fun it would be and “please don’t make me do it by myself”, I was coerced into signing up myself, so the first big race is in the books for October 28th.