Rebecca Fanning


Rebecca Fanning

Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy


My name is Rebecca Fanning and I am originally from Surrey in the South of England.


Growing up, I spent much of my life competing in sports, including swimming, Shotokan karate and netball, which is where my desire to become a Physiotherapist originated from.  I moved to Eastbourne in 2012 where I studied at the University of Brighton, completing a level 3 diploma in Sports Massage in 2014 and graduating with an honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2015.


Following graduation, I worked for two years in a large NHS University Teaching Hospital in Brighton. Here I gained broad experience across various disciplines including cardio-respiratory and medical, acute neurosurgery, elective and trauma orthopaedics and musculoskeletal outpatients.


Being a sportswoman and having personal insight into injury, my belief is that identifying and addressing factors that can predispose to injury, are just as important as diagnosis and to optimising full recovery and return to sport.


My area of interest is specialising in musculoskeletal injuries.  My approach includes manual therapy, joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and exercise prescription. My special interests include netball, swimming and ski injuries, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries and rehabilitation post orthopaedic surgery.


My goal is to complete an Olympic distance triathlon and an ocean swimming event. 

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